Privacy Policy

Welcome in the Privacy Policy of this website and event.

The data controller

Hack in Provence, association loi 1901
Country: France
e-mail: bureau<at>

Collected data, goal

  • Pseudonymised IP address + useragent (‘browser fingerprint’) for website traffic statistics only (via a self hosted module)
  • Kept for 90 days.

From Hack In Provence in general


* HelloAsso: membership and ticketing system. See HelloAsso Privacy Policy

No resell / disposal of your personal data to third parties.

No spam nor automatic emails from Hack In Provence except if you explicitly want to.

Use your rights

The GDPR allows you to freely use the following rights:

* access your personal data,
* oppose to their use,
* rectify,
* ask for deletion,
* ask for pôrtability,
* limit the potential use of your personal data.


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