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SecSea – The hacking and cybersecurity conference of Provence invites you to meet on June 12 and June 13 2020 in the oldest cinema in the world, L’Eden Cinema in La Ciotat for its second edition.


As you probably know current events have forced us to cancel Secsea our hacking conference scheduled for June 12-13.
We still want Secsea to take place in 2020. Different place different way it will be a new version no fatalism only adaptative solution
We have thought about different alternatives: report, merger with Amusec (early October), outright cancellation, video conference etc
We discussed it with the planned speakers to find the most revelant solution.
We finally opted for an online version.
From June 8 during 5 days we will put online on Secsea’s youtube channel a presentation by one of the speakers who gave us the immense pleasure of agreeing to follow us in this project.
The videos will remain accessible at least until Secsea 2021!
We will reveal on twitter every Wednesday starting next week the name of each speaker and their subject

Attendees will be refunded soon.

Please stay tuned on our Twitter account @SecSeaConf

Picture by Foudebassans

Picture by L’Eden Cinema

Hack In Provence association organizes an event about hacking on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 of June 2020, from 12h to 19h with conferences, debates, exchanges and workshops.

Prior registration is mandatory; for safety and logistics reasons we will not be able to allow non-prior-registred visitors to enter.

No tickets will be sold at the event entrance.

The program

Heure Friday 12 of June
9h30 Workshop Scapy by Guillaume VALADON* (FR)
12h00 Lunch break
13h00 Opening speech by Hack in Provence (EN/FR)
13h30 Implementation and attack on ROLLO-I, a candidate to the NIST post-quantum standardization by Lina (EN)
14h30 Malware inside medic Android’s application by Cryptax (EN)
15h30 Break
16h00 Available slot, if interested please see CFP part below.
17h00 Biometrics attack by Stéfane MOUILLE (EN)
18h00 Drone’s detection by Olivier PHILLIP (EN)
19h00 Transition speech by Hack in Provence (EN/FR)

*Workshop registered visitors only, via ticketing.

Heure Saturday 13 of June
9h30 Workshop OSINT by Shutdown*
12h00 Lunch break
13h00 “Fais pas çi, fais pas ça” by Periclès and Jusk (FR)
13h30 PatrOwl: Red Team Tool by Nicolas MATTIOCCO (EN)
14h30 Available slot, if interested please see CFP part below.
15h30 Break
16h00 Hacking like Jessie James by Shutdown (EN)
17h00 Available slot, if interested please see CFP part below.
19h00 Closing speech by Hack in Provence (EN/FR)

* Workshop registered visitors only, via ticketing.

CFP : Call For Papers

If you would like to submit a subject about your researches and discoveries, please contact us at cfp<at>

The place

The conference will be held in La Ciotat (South of France), in the oldest cinema in the World: L’Eden. It’s a magical place, where one of the first films from the Lumière brothers were played.

More information about how to come here: location and access

Who’s behind SecSea

Association whose goal is the animation, support, and promotion of ethical hacking in Provence

Need more information?

Contact us at contact<at>